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Line 400 Stavanger–Haugesund–Stord–Bergen

Kystbussen takes you between the south-Western coastal cities Stavanger, Haugesund and Bergen. The two ferries, Halhjem–Sandvikvåg and Arsvågen–Mortavika are included in the price and journey time. The bus ride gives great opportunities to relax, enjoy a good meal and admire the the beautiful coastal scenery.

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Travel card

Peroid Ticket

You can buy a Period Ticket for 30 days on the buses. The price is approx. 14 x single ticket, so there is money to save for those who travel frequently. If you choose a Period Ticket you will receive a receipt that you must take good care of and show to the driver when boarding.

Hordaland (Youth Ticket)

With a valid Youth Ticket for Hordaland you can travel freely on the BergenHaugesund route. On the Bergen–Halhjem route, travellers are referred to local bus. Except for travellers who are going from Bergen to Halhjem and further by ferry to Tysnes.

Rogaland (Youth Pass)

With a valid Youth Pass for Rogaland you can travel the section HaugesundStavanger. For travellers with a Youth Pass for Rogaland who travel longer than one of the sections considered as a local travel (described below), a deductible must be paid which is currently NOK 75. This can be purchased on 

The card is valid for local travel on the Haugesund–Tysvær / Bokn (Knarholmen) route and locally on the Aksdal–Bokn section, without any extra charge. Youth Pass for Rogaland is not valid for local travel on the Haugesund–Aksdal route, here travellers are referred to a local bus. The card is also valid for local travel between Stavanger and Sørbø on Rennesøy.


If a ferry crossing is included in your journey, a valid receipt for the Youth Ticket / Youth Pass must be presented to the ferry ticket carrier.

If you have you both travel products

If you both travel products for youth in both Rogaland and Hordaland, you can travel the entire stretch towards a deductible of NOK 75 (applies to travel in Rogaland. Can be purchased on On the direct buses the Youth Pass apply for Rogaland between Stavanger and Aksdal. Similarly, the youth ticket for Hordaland applies between Bergen and Haukås. Any partial payment for further travel is calculated from Aksdal (towards Bergen) and Haukås (towards Stavanger) for those who do not have both travel products. Tickets for further travel can be purchased from our online store or from the driver. The most affordable tickets are available online at least the day of departure.

Renew your travel products

A 30 day Youth Ticket for Hordaland and Youth Pass Rogaland cannot be bought or renewed on Kystbussen. It must be done on the local or regional bus routes or elsewhere the county authorities have decided.

Express Departures

A 30 day Youth Ticket cannot be used on express departures. Here, a ticket must be purchased in advance at

Fly from/to Stavanger Airport Sola or Bergen Airport Flesland?

Kystbussen has daily departures to Stavanger Byterminal and Bergen Busstasjon, with further correspondence to Stavanger Airport Sola and Bergen Airport Flesland with Flybussen.

When your journey consists of more than one leg / change of buses, then it's important to know about NOR-WAY Bussekspress' transfer rules.

When you are going to catch a flight, you should calculate good enough travel time to the airport and take into account that there may be a queue at the check-in and the security control. Also follow the recommendations from the airlines and airports.

Have you forgotten or lost something on the bus?

Please fill out the Lost and Found-form and we will contact you, or contact Kystbussen:

phone: (+47) 52 70 35 26

Travlling from Jektavik

The bus will only stop at Jektavik if there has been purchased any tickets from the stop. 

If you purchase a ticket online less than 1 hour before departure from Jektavik, we ask you to call +47 415 31 050. Please also call if you have not pre-booked a ticket. 


Line: NW400

Traveltime between Bergen and Stavanger: From 4 hours 15 minutes to 5 hours and 45 minutes

The travel time includes the ferries between Halhjem–Sandvikvåg and Arsvågen–Mortavika. For the buses stopping in Haugesund, ther is a 10-minute break at Haugesund bus terminal.

With further correspondence to Stavanger Airport Sola and Bergen Airport Flesland with the Flybussen.

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