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Kystbussen takes you efficiently from city center to city center between Bergen and Stavanger. Two ferry crossings, Halhjem–Sandvikvåg and Arsvågen–Mortavika, are included in the fare and travel time. The bus journey provides excellent opportunities to relax, enjoy a good meal, and take in the scenery.

Kystbussen has two types of departures

  • Strake veien (Stavanger-via Aksdal-Bergen) - express route with fewer stops. You can find these departures by looking for those with a total travel time of around 4 hours and 20 minutes between Bergen and Stavanger.
  • Regular Departures (Stavanger-via Haugesund-Bergen) Travel time: 5 hours and 25 minutes

Times and tickets

Making a search in the travel planner will give you overview of all available journeys with updated prices.

You can choose between:

Strake veien

  • Stops at a selected number of stops - 4 hours og 30 minutes.

Normal departures

  • Book from and to any stop, 5 hours and 25 minutes.

Travel card/Youth ticket

Youth Ticket Vestland

With a valid Youth Ticket for Vestland, you can travel freely between Bergen and Haugesund. On the Bergen–Halhjem stretch, passengers are directed to local buses.

To secure a seat on the bus, we offer online seat reservation for youths with a valid youth card from Skyss for a fee of NOK 29. When making your travel search, please use discount code: skyss.

Skyss youth cards are valid on the following routes:

  • Direct Route (express routes): Bergen-Heiane
  • Regular routes: Bergen-Haugesund

It is essential for passengers with a youth card to always have a valid receipt (activation receipt with a valid expiration date) and additional information showing that you are of the correct age to use the card.

Youth Ticket Rogaland

A Youth Ticket for Rogaland can be used on Kystbussen between Haugesund and Stavanger. Depending on the stretch you travel, you make a part payment or book without an additional fee.

To get the correct price, use the discount code in the travel planner along with the ticket category Child 6-17 years or Student. Note that tickets must be pre-booked on or in the app. Payment for the part of the stretch not covered by the card cannot be paid to the driver upon boarding.

Order with discount code: kolumbusungdom and make a part payment of NOK 75 on the routes (including stops between the mentioned stops):

  • Strake veien (shortest travel time): Stavanger-Aksdal
  • Regular route: Stavanger-Haugesund

Make a booking with discount code kolumbuskole and travel without an additional fee on the streches:

  • Haugesund - Mjåsund terminal, Tysvær
  • Haugesund- Slåttevik, Tysvær
  • Haugesund - Knarholmen, Bokn
  • Haugesund - Austre, Bokn
  • Haugesund - Alvestad nord, Bokn
  • Haugesund - Ognøy, Bokn
  • Haugesund - Arsvågen kai
  • Stavanger – Sørbø on Rennesøy

It is important for passengers with a youth card to always have a valid receipt (activation receipt with a valid expiration date) and additional information showing that you are of the correct age to use the card.


If a ferry crossing is part of the journey, a valid receipt for the Youth Ticket/Youth Pass must be presented to the ferry ticket collector.

Combine Both Travel Products

If you have youth travel products for both Rogaland and Vestland, you can travel the entire route for NOK 94. This can be booked online with discount code: skysskolumbus

If you do not have a travel card for both counties, two tickets must be purchased for the journey. One with youth card discount, the other as a regular ticket.

Renew Travel Products

30-day Youth Ticket for Vestland and Youth Pass Rogaland cannot be purchased or renewed on Kystbussen. This must be done on local or regional bus routes or other places determined by the county municipalities.

Skyss Period Card for Express Bus in Vestland

If you have a Skyss period card, you can travel freely within the zone covered by your ticket on both regular and express buses throughout Vestland county. Learn more about Skyss zones.

If you use a Skyss 30- or 180-day period card, you can travel freely with the express bus in the zone covered by your period card. For those with a Skyss 30-day youth ticket, you can travel freely in all zones.

Please note that you are not guaranteed a seat on the bus with a period card. Use discount code skyss and pre-book a ticket to secure a seat. A cost for reserving a seat will be added to the purchase.

Note: It is essential for passengers with a period card/youth card always to have a valid receipt (activation receipt with a valid expiration date) and identification on the bus.

Note that Skyss tickets cannot be used on the stretch Halhjem-Bergen Busstasjon. A separate ticket must be purchased for this stretch.

Discount codes for travel cards

For bookings with youth cards, period passes, and family tickets, you must use a discount code in the travel search. Use the relevant code below along with the correct ticket category (adult, student, child, senior) in the travel search.


  • Youth Card Kolumbus Discount Code: kolumbusungdom
  • Kolumbus Adult (period pass and HjemJobbHjem with two zones or more from Kolumbus, where one zone must be Haugalandet/Haugesund) Discount Code: kolumbusvoksen
  • Youth Card Skyss Discount Code: skyss
  • Youth Card Skyss & Kolumbus Discount Code: skysskolumbus
  • Family Ticket Discount Code: kystfamilie (only valid for 1 adult travelling with 1 child)

Read more about discount codes and youth cards

Important: Notification for late bookings from Jektavik

The bus only stops at Jektavik if there is registered a purchased ticket from the bus stop.

If you book at ticket on or in the app less than 1 hour before departure, or if you have not pre-booked a ticket, we kindly ask you to call tel. +47 415 31 050 in due time before departure. 

Flights from/to Stavanger and Bergen airports

Kystbussen has daily departures directly to Stavanger City Terminal (Stavanger bussterminal) or Bergen Bus Terminal (Bergen busstasjon), with further connections to Stavanger Airport Sola (Stavanger lufthavn Sola) and Bergen Airport Flesland (Bergen lufthavn Flesland) with Flybussen.

Travels with Flybussen from Bergen busstasjon to Bergen lufthavn can also be purchased on 

If you are flying, you should allow sufficient travel time to the airport and take into account the possibility of queues at check-in and security control. Also, please follow the recommendations from the airlines and airports.

Have you forgotten or lost something on the bus?

Please complete the lost property form, and we will get in touch with you. You can also contact the operator of Kystbussen:

Emial: [email protected]

Line NW400
Traveltime between: Stavanger, Haugesund and Bergen: approx. 4 hours and 30 minutes
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