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Line NW192 Oslo–Arendal–Kristiansand–Flekkefjord–Stavanger

Express bus between Kristiansand and Oslo, and now also to/from Flekkefjord and Stavanger on the west coast.

95 weekly departures – and 14 of these departures run as direct bus. We offer a fast, affordable and comfortable journey.

Konkurrenten ensures that everyone comes along, and order a cab for you if needed.

Southern Norway

Southern Norway is the children's favourite part of the country with many activities for the whole family. Here you will find the Dyreparken Zoo with theme parks and bathing area, cozy whitewashed southern cities and islands with lovely beaches, boating and cottage coziness.

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Shorter travel time - pre-booking nescessary

We are working to make your joruney time as quick and efficient as possible. The bus stops only where passangers have booked a ticket to or from. This will save you 11 minutes travel time.  

To get a seat on the bus, it is essential that you book your ticket in advance. Make a search in the journey planner at the top of the page and find your preferred departure. You may book your ticket up until the departure time. We request that you book it 10 minutes prior so you can be certain that we have registered your booking and that you are waiting for the bus.


Photo: Elisabeth Høibo / Visit Sørlandet

Timetable and tickets

NW192 Oslo-Arendal-Kristiansand timetable valid to 14.11.2021

NW192 Oslo-Arendal-Kristiansand timetable valid from 15.11.2021

NW192 Kristiansand-Flekkefjord-Stavanger timetable valid to 14.11.2021

NW192 Kristiansand-Flekkefjord-Stavanger timetable valid from 15.11.2021


For up to date departure times and to book your ticket, please use our journey planner

The information in our journey planner is always up to date with the latest changes.



Fly from/to Stavanger Airport Sola or Torp Airport?
  • Konkurrenten runs daily to and from Stavanger Airport Sola.
  • Konkurrenten runs daily to and from Fokserød bus stop – a 5-minute taxi ride from Torp Airport.

When your journey consists of more than one leg / change of buses, it is important to know about NOR-WAY Bussekspress' transfer rules.

When you are going to catch a flight, you should calculate enough travel time to the airport and include in the calculation that there may be a queue at the check-in and the security check. Also follow the recommendations of the airlines and airports.

Mini cruise to/from Hjortneskaia (Filipstad) Color Line

Konkurrenten runs daily to the Color Line terminal at Hjortneskaia / Filipstad where the Kiel ferry departs. To book a ticket, search for Filipstad in the travel planner.

Departure daily from Hjortneskaia at 11:05, arrival daily to Hjortneskaia at 11:38

Have you forgotten or lost something on the bus?

Please fill out the Lost and Found-form and we will contact you, or contact Konkurrenten:

phone: (+47) 37 93 15 15


Line: NW192

Traveltime between Oslo and Stavanger: ca. 9 hours and 30 minutes

The travel time includes a 20-minute break in Kristiansand and a 5-minute break at Flekkefjord bus station.

Corresponding routes:

Kopstad: The bus stops only when you send a signal by pushing the button at the bus stop.

Several departures run between Oslo–Kristiansand–Flekkefjord–Stavanger. Most of these departures run by Stavanger Airport Sola and SUS (past the main road).

Some of the departures run directly with fewer stops between Oslo–Arendal–Kristiansand.

Please see the travel planner for additional information.

Seat to yourself

Book Sit alone and get a double seat

Do you wish to be guaranteed a double seat to yourself whilst travelling on the bus?

Bus departure early morning

Welcome onboard for early morning departure

Get a calm start to the day and don't worry about the weather conditions.

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