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Here is our privacy policy that presents how we treat and protect personal information, your rights and choises as our customer and the purposes for processing personal data.

What personal data do we process, and for what purposes?

NOR-WAY Bussekspress AS (by CEO Merethe Olsen) is the data protection officer of your personal data as presented in the privacy policy. The data stored fro ticket purchase is collected to provide you the travel services you have purchased. In order to provide our services and secure you a proof of ticket, we collect following personal data:

  • e-mail address
  • phone number

After completing your purchase, your ticket/receipt will be sent to the e-mail address that was registrated at the time of booking. Unless you delete or request us to delete your personal data, information regarding your orders will be stored with us for 120 days after your trip.

My Page

On "My Page" on you can create a personal profile and get an overview of your orders and receipts. You may also sign up for newsletters, edit your personal information, make changes to your ticket and receive special offers. In addition to your e-mail address, you can choose to register your phone number, name and address. Customer profiles that are inactive for more than 36 months will get anonymised or deleted.

Customer Service

If you contact our Customer Service by e-mail, phone or via Facebook, we process the personal information that you provide us (name, phone number, address and e-mail address), as well as travel information and booking information.

When you visit

When you visit, your IP address is logged in Google Analytics. Google Analytics deletes all person-identifying information so that your IP address is anonymized. We also use cookies on our website to improve your experience when using our website. For further information about what cookies we are using, please read our cookie policy.

Where are your personal data stored and who has access to them?

The personal data collected are stored in Norway and/or within the EU/EEA. We will not give your personal information to third parties except in situations where this is required as a result of a statutory duty. Your personal information will not be transferred or sold to third parties for advertising purposes, nor do we share personal information to third parties without having a data processing agreement.

What are your rights?

It is important for us that your rights are protected and that your personal data is processed legally. We will not collect more personal information than necessary and they will be deleted as soon as we no longer need them. The information about you should be updated and correct, and if the information is incorrect or incomplete, you can correct some of the information yourself if you are registered on "My Page". You are entitled to access the personal information related to your customer relationship with us, and you may request to have your personal information deleted or delete them yourself on "My Page." If you change your mind, you may withdraw your consent for processing your personal data at any time by contacting us.


Privacy Policy in the NOR-WAY app

As part of app installation, the app requests access to bluetooth, notifications, location and location in the background. You choose to allow or not allow access. If you allow it, data gathered will be used for statistics and improvement of our services. All data is anonymised and cannot be linked to your personal info.

Access to data can at any time be turned on and off under settings in the app.  Data gathered is used to improve our services and is anonymised, as specified further in the privacy policy. 

Analysis of journey pattern

If you allow access to bluetooth and location services, the app will gather info regarding your travel pattern. All data are anonymised and may not be linked to you as a person. We use the information to better understand our customers’ travel needs and improve our services. Our aim is to offer travellers a service that is relevant and that meets their requirements.

The data does not give information about your detailed location. It is not possible for us to identify places such as your working place or home as all data is on an aggregated level. You choose if you would like to share your anonymised travel pattern data. If you permit data collection it may at any time be changed through the Settings in the app.

If you would like relevant notifications about your journey when the app is closed, the app needs access to location in the background.

Digital surveys

If you allow data access to your travel pattern, we may also send you surveys. Via wireless senders (beacons) in the bus, the app may register that you are on board a bus and send you relevant questions regarding your travel experience. The answers make it possible for us to improve where necessary.

Analysis of app use

Statistics in the app are gathered via Google Analytics for Firebase. The information is used in improving user experience. All data is anonymised and cannot be linked to your personal info. The access to data may be turned off under settings in the app at any time.  

The NOR-WAY app requests access to:

Location services

Used to increase understanding of travel patterns. In order for the app to give you useful journey info when your app is closed, you must allow access to location in the background.


Used to understand travel patterns and send surveys where you may express the level of your customer satisfaction and help us offer better services. 


Allows us to notify you about changes to your journey, our services or similar.

Anonymised data is sent to third part Fluxloop that performs analysis of the data and presents reports to NOR-WAY Bus Express. 

Users can request insight into all data gathered in the app and choose to have them deleted. Go to Settings in the app and follow link to See you data. 

Do you have questions or would like to access to your personal information?

Please contact us:

  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • Phone: (+47) 22 31 31 50
  • Address: NOR-WAY Bussekspress AS, Karl Johansgt. 16, 0154 Oslo
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