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Making changes to a purchased ticket

You now have the opportunity to make changes to a ticket you have purchased, if you booked it when you were logged in on our website or in the NOR-WAY app.

The ticket is changeable up untill one hour before the first departure time in the ticket. You make changes to your ticket by logging in on or in our app. 

Import of already purchased ticket to account

For your ticket to be available for change, it must registered on your account. If you purchased the ticket without logging in, you will not have access to change of ticket. To make change available, you will then have to import your ticket to a user account. 

  • If you do not have a registered account on, please start by creating one. 
  • Log in to your account and go to My Page.
  • Choose Import ticket to account.
  • Submit the reference number of your ticket and push Import ticket. 
  • You ticket will then be added to account.

Please not that your account and your booking must be registered under the same email address for change to be possible. 

How do I make changes to the ticket?

  • FInd your ticekt in the list of active tickets on My page on or in the NOR-WAY-app. 
  • Choose: Change ticket
  • Add completely new joruney details, or change the details you would like. 
  • Add the additional products you would like for your journey. Please note they must be rebooked if they were added in the first ticket. 
  • Confirm the change and pay any additional amount. 

When choosing to amend your ticket, you may change all aspects of it.  

Which details are changeable?

  • Departure date
  • Departure time
  • Departure and arrival stop
  • Number of tickets
  • Ticket category (adult, child, senior, student etc.)
  • Additional products

When the change is completed, your old ticket will have been cancelled and may not be used anymore. The reference number will remain and can be used in the new journey. The new ticket will be availalbe on website and in app, and be emailed to you. 

Please note that the return journey can not be changed alone, but anly before the first part of the ticket has been used.

Also not that the change of ticket does not involve a refund of money. If the new journey is cheaper than the old, you will be asked to pay. If the new journey is more expensive than the old, you will be asked to pay the surplus amount. 

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