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Each passenger can bring 2 pieces* of baggage placed in the luggage compartment under the bus. Please lable all baggage with the owner's name, address and telephone number.

Extra pieces of luggage may be booked as additions to your ticket when you make the booking. 

Extra luggage, bike and special luggage is booked on the confirmation page after you have chosen journey and before you continue through to payment. 

Baggage included in ticket

You may bring 2 pieces of luggage included in your ticket. The luggage will be placed in the compartment under the bus. Please remember to lable it clearly with name, address and phone number. 

You luggage may be a suitcase, bag, rucksack and well packed skis/snowboard, weapon and pram. Maximum size is: height + lenght +  depth =175 cm and maximum 23 kg. 

Hand luggage

A soft hand luggage such as a small hand bag or rucksack is included in your bus ticket. Due to safety reasons, all suitcases are left in the compartment under the bus. Coats, small hand bags etc. can be stored in the over head compartment. 

All unattached items in the bus can be of harm ot you and your fellow passengers in the case of sudden braking. Please store the hand luggage by your feet and not in the seat beside you.    

Extra luggage

If you wish to bring more than 2 pieces of luggage on your journey, you may book extra luggage. This is done when you book your ticket. Skis are considered one piece of luggage and can be included in ticket. If you hve two bags, the pair of skis is one extra luggage. 

Each piece of extra baggage is 50 kr. 

Special luggage

If you would like to bring a pulk, surf board, gold bag or similar items on the bus, please book special luggage. Maximum size is: 50 cm x 60 cm x 220 cm, 23 kg. Wekl wrapped skis or snow board is considered normal luggage/extra luggage. 

Each piece of special luggage is 270 kr.  

Please note that special luggage does not include bike. 


On several of our routes you may now book space for a bike. The bike can be a normal bicycle, an electric bicycle or similar. 

Please add the bike to your order. If the option "bike" is not available in the web shop, this means there is no space for a bike on your chosen departure.

Please note that we can not guarantee space for your bike without a pre-booking. Also note that a bike has to be ordered as a bike, and cannot be registrered as special luggage or anything else.

Hunting Weapons and Ammunition

The weapon must be securely packaged in batcovers, gun case or equivalent. The weapon must be stored along with ammunition in the bus's luggage compartment. The vital part (breech block, etc.) must be separated from the weapon's main part and carried onto the bus.

Liability and Compensation

The company is not liable for any loss of or damage to luggage unless negligence of the bus company can be proved. We recommend our passengers to purchase a travel insurance. Please also see prevailing conditions of carriage dated January 27th 2004 approved by the Norwegian Ministry of Transport. Compensation will be paid for damaged items in accordance with current rules, cf. Norwegian Road Freight Agreements Act. Compensation will not be paid for goods lost in transit.

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