Ticket Categories

Here you will find information about the types of fares and prices. If you use our travel planner at nor-way.no and seek the journey you want information about, you will find exact details about timetables, duration and price. By purchasing the ticket online, you also have the opportunity to secure the cheapest tickets, as well as a seat on the bus.


Ordinary ticket for everyone of 16 years or more. 
Exceptions: NW192 Konkurrenten and from the age of 20.

Children 0–3 years

Children under 4 travel free of charge. 
Exception: NW130 Trysilekspressen have different rules for children (see next section).

Children 4–15 years

Children tickets apply from the age of 4 and up to the age of 15. Children from the age of 13 to 15 years must be able to show proof of age during the journey. 

  • NW130 Trysilekspressen  children fare apply from 015 years of age. 
  • NW192 Konkurrenten  children fare apply from 419 years of age.
  • Flybussen line FB2 and FB11  up to four children travel for free together with an adult with an ordinary ticket purchased online. All children must be registered when booking at nor-way.no. Family discount is not applicable for Customer Card, schools, large groups etc.

Family ticket

Family ticket is only availible online for the route Kystbussen. The family ticket gives you a discount and the price will automatically be updated when selecting an adult and child in the web shop.

Students 16–30 years

You can get the student discount if you are under 31 years and...

  • studying full time at high school, university, college, academy and similar learning institutions
  • is a student at the junior high and have reached 16 years old

Studies that do not go under the student discount are:

  • part-time students (trainees)
  • language courses
  • correspondence / agency school
  • short-term evening classes
  • apprentices
  • adults in full commercial position

What is valid identification?

  • student card with confirmation of paid tuition or digital student ID on mobile.
  • documentation from school or training establishment, confirming schooling this semester, along with credit cards, driving license, passport or other photo identification.
  • for foreign student is ISIC card the only valid identification

Senior ticket

Senior discount applies to you who...

  • have turned 67 years old
  • receive disability benefits from NAV
  • is blind
  • is a spouse/cohabitant travelling with the person entitled to the senior discount.

Accompanying person

Only traveller who is accompanying a deaf-blind person can travel free of charge. In case of ticket inspection, you must be able to present a companion certificate.


Applies to those who is doing military service and can show military ID card for military conscripts or letter with notice of compulsory military service, and must be booked at nor-way.no