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Seat reservation and child seat

On several of our routes we now offer the opportunity to book an extra seat and child seat.

An extra seat, child seat and other additional products are booked with your ticket. You will find the these extra facilities on the confirmation page before moving on to payment of ticket. 

Please note that there may be variations in products from route to route. It is not possible to purchase additional products if your journey includes transfer from one bus or route to another. 

Sit alone - be guaranteed a double seat on your own

If you would like to be guaranteed to sit alone throughout your journey, you may now also reserve the seat beside you when booking your ticket. The seat will be marked 'Sitt alene' and can be used by yourself only. 

The price of the extra seat will vary depending on which route you travel by. 

Child seat

We offer booking of child seat for children of the age 1-4 years old  (maximum 18 kg).

There are maximum 2 seats on each bus, so please make sure to book it when purchasing a ticket. 

Seats for smaller or older children must be brought onto the bus. 


For NW400 Kystbussen's Strake veien (Straight there) dobbel decker departures, specific seats are available. Find them with other products when you book your ticket. 

Please note that number of special seats is limited. If the products do not appear in booking, they may be sold out. 

Comfort seat

Book a Comfort seat and secure an extra wide seat with two armrests, legs rests and adjustable headrest. 

Mobile work-zone

If you wish to work whilst travelling on the bus, we recommend that you book a Mobile work-zone. You get your own workspace with foldable desk, power sockets, and self-service coffee machine and fridge.

Panorama view

Get a special journey with opportunity to enjoy the view to the full. Panorama view is a Comfort seat located on 2nd deck with 180 degree view of the surroundings. 

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