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Luggage, special luggage, and bicycles

You have the option to bring up to 2 pieces of regular luggage included in the ticket you purchase. Other types of luggage and additional items must be pre-booked along with the ticket.

Additional luggage (extra luggage, bicycle, special luggage) is added when you book your ticket, after selecting your journey and before proceeding to payment. The available products for booking may vary from route to route. Additional luggage cannot be booked separately after the ticket has been purchased.


Luggage included in ticket

2 pieces of luggage are included in a regular ticket. Your luggage can be a suitcase/bag/backpack and similar, as well as well-packed skis/snowboards and strollers. The maximum dimensions per piece are: height + length + depth = 175 cm and a maximum weight of 23 kg.

The luggage is placed in the bus's luggage compartment, underneath the bus. Remember to label your luggage clearly with your name, address, and phone number.

Hand luggage

You can bring a handbag or a small backpack containing valuables and what you need for the journey into the bus at no extra cost. The overhead shelf has space only for small handbags, jackets, and similar items. For safety reasons and limited space, all suitcases, bags, etc., must be placed in the bus's luggage compartment. They are then considered as 1 piece of luggage.

In the event of sudden braking, loose items in the bus pose a danger to you and your fellow passengers. For increased safety, we encourage you to place your hand luggage at your feet, not in the seat next to you.

Extra luggage

If you wish to bring more than 2 pieces of luggage on your journey, you may book extra luggage. This is done when you book your ticket. Skis are considered one piece of luggage and can be included in ticket. If you hve two bags, the pair of skis is counted as one extra luggage and is booked with you ticket.  

Each piece of extra baggage is 50 kr. 

Special luggage

If you wish to bring a sled, surfboard, golf bag, or anything that exceeds the standard baggage dimensions (excluding bicycles), you should book a special baggage item. The maximum dimensions and weight for each special baggage item are 50 cm x 60 cm x 220 cm, and a maximum weight of 23 kg. Regular skis and snowboards that are securely packed in a ski bag or similar are considered a piece of included/extra luggage, depending on how many pieces of luggage you bring.

Each piece of special luggage costs 270 kr.  


On most of our routes, you can reserve space for a bicycle on the bus. This includes regular bicycles, e-bikes, and electric scooters.

Reservation for bicycle space must be booked in advance to guarantee a spot. We have limited capacity for bicycles per departure. If the option does not appear under additional products, it means that the spaces are already sold out. In such cases, you can check for availability on other departures.

Choose the additional product Bicycle when booking your ticket. This is done after you have chosen your journey and before proceeding to payment. 

Please note: Space for a bike can only be booked as 'Bike', not as special luggage.

Hunting Weapons and Ammunition

Firearms for hunting can be transported if securely packaged, with the main part of the weapon and the bolt stored separately. The main part of the firearm, along with any ammunition, is to be kept in the bus's luggage compartment. The bolt of the firearm is to be stored in the carry-on baggage. Knives and similar weapons are not permitted inside the bus.

Liability and Compensation

NOR-WAY and its operators are not liable for the loss or damage to luggage unless it results from negligence on the part of the company. Therefore, we recommend that you, as a traveller, obtain travel insurance. Please refer to the Terms for Public Bus Transport in Norway (external link to for further details.

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