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Book additional products with your journey

Add a child seat, space for extra luggage or bike, or choose to have a double seat to yourself when booking your ticket. See all our products and how you add them here.

Sit alone

If you wish to be guaranteed a double seat to yourself whilst travelling on the bus, we recommend that you book the product Sit alone. The seat beside you will then be marked with a sign so that other passengers may not sit there. This is perfect if you would like to travel undisturbed and with distance to other passengers. 

Child seat

You can also reserve a child seat when booking your ticket. There will be 1-2 seats available per bus, and we can only guarantee it is available if booked in advance. The seats are suitable for children between the age of 1 and 4 years. 

Extra baggage

If you wish to bring more than 2 pieces of luggage to keep in the luggage compartment under the bus, you may book space for extra luggage. For each piece of extra luggage we charge 50 kr. 


On several of our lines, you may secure a space for you bike (normal bike, electric bike) in the bus luggage compartment. To bring a bike costs 270 kr. There is only space for 1-2 bikes on each bus, so make sure you book early. If you get no option of adding a bike to your order, then you sadly cannot bring the bike.

How to book additional products for your journey

  • Step 1 - Go to our journey planner
  • Step 2 - Choose where you travel from and your destination, and on which day
  • Step 3 - Choose your preferred departure
  • Step 4 - Go to Add products and choose Sit alone
  • Step 5 - Proceed to payment
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