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Manage your ticket

Change your booked ticket - For free

We are giving you full ticket flexibility when booking a ticket. You can make changes ot all aspects of your ticket up to one hour before departure. For change to be available, you only need to be logged in when booking the ticket.

Man checking his bus ticket on his phone

You will find a link to change your ticket information below your ticket in the app or on your My page.

Download the app in Apple App store og Google Play (only available in Norway)

The opportunity to manage the details of your ticket gives you a flexibility all the way up to one hour before the first departure in the ticket.

Change to a similiar or a new journey

When you make changes to your ticket, you can choose to book a ticket that is similar to the original journey, or all new. All aspects of your ticket are editable, but you choose what you would like to edit. The process goes through booking the journey again, so make sure you check all details before confirming.

You may change:

  • Where you travel from
  • Where you travel to
  • Date
  • Time of departure
  • Ticket category
  • Add or remove return journey (only up until 1 hour before first journey)
    • Note: The return journey cannot be changed after you have made the first journey on the ticket. If you are unsure when you will return, please secure access to change by booking two separate tickets. 
  • Add additional products such as bike, extra luggage, Sit alone etc. 


Please remember that if you booked additional products with your first order, you must add these again when changing the ticket. The products do not follow automatically from original to new ticket. 

Free change

Making changes to the ticket is all free. However, if you change to a more expensive journey, we ask that you pay the extra amount. We do not make a refund if the new journey is cheaper than the old. 

Were you not logged in when purchasing the ticket?

Your ticket must be registered on account for change to be possible. If you were not logged in when making the purchase, you may import your ticket to an account after. For this to be possible, the email address of the account and the order must match. If you do not already have an account, please create one and proceed to import on My page, 

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