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Line NW180 Oslo–Åmot–Haugesund/Bergen (correspondence in Seljestad to Skyss line 930 Seljestad–Odda–Bergen)

Haukeliekspressen drives through stunning mountain scenery, fjords and cities on its journey between East to West in Norway. Travelling from the East, he route goes between Oslo, through county Telemark, across beautiful Haukelifjell close to the Hardangervidda nature reserve, decending to Røldal and continuing to cities Haugesund and Bergen. 

The timetable does not contain any deviations that occur on holidays. We therefore recommend that you use the webshop when you plan your trip.

The information in the webshop is updated with planned changes and deviations.

NW180 valid from 23.09.2019

NW180 valid from 01.12.2019

NW180 valid Christmas and new year 2019/2020


Travel cards issued by Telemark Bilruter and TFK

To purchase electronic travel card which is valid for Telemark County (Youth Card, Student Card, Period Short) you must have a bus pass issued from Telemark Bilruter.

Information regarding local travel card, see

"Heimat" in Vinje is a nice café at the E134 between Bergen and Oslo. You can get real home cooking, dinner, lunch, sandwiches and à la carte. If you take the Haukeliekspressen between Oslo, Bergen or Haugesund, you can pre-order food in their online shop, which can be collected at Åmot during food break.

Route NW180 Haukeliepressen runs over the Haukelifjell mountain pass, and the weather can sometimes be challenging and delays may occur. We ask you as travellers to take this into account when planning your trip and that you calculate plenty of time for any further travel.

When Haukelifjell is closed due to storms, Haukeliekspressen runs as follows:

The buses from Oslo normally travel to Åmot and heads back to Oslo.

The bus travels back from Åmot to Oslo in regular scheduled times if the shutdown persists.

The buses from Haugesund run as normal to Røldal and heads back to Haugesund. The bus travels back from Røldal towards Haugesund in regular scheduled times if the shutdown persists.

For information about weather, driving conditions, column driving or other messages, please visit or call 175.

Please fill out the Lost and Found-form and we will contact you, or contact the company that operates your route:

OsloVinje: (+47) 35 06 54 00
Vinje–Haugesund: (+47) 52 70 35 26 / 21
Seljestad–Bergen: (+47) 53 65 18 23

Line: NW180

Traveltime between Oslo and Bergen: ca. 8 hours and 30 minutes

The travel time includes a 30-minute meal break at Åmot Vinje Kro.

Corresponding routes:


  • Seljestad–Bergen is run by Skyss, line 930
  • Haukeligrend–Hovden–Kristiansand is run by
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