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LineNW420Sogndal-Lærdal-Flåm-Voss-Bergen-Bergen lufthavn

Sognefjordekspressen is an excellent way to travel between Sogn and Bergen. After stopping at Bergen bus station, the journey can be continued to Haukeland hospital and Bergen Airport. 

The route passes through stunning nature and well-known places like Voss, Flåm, and Lærdal. A bus journey can easily be combined with trips to Flåm and further with boat or train connections from there. There are plenty of opportunities for those who want to experience famous attractions like the Flåm Railway or the beautiful nature in the area.

Times and tickets

A search in the travel planner will give you overview of all available journeys with updated prices. See our suggestions below:


Sogndal–Bergen lufthavn

Sogndal–Haukeland sjukehus






Travel cards – Period tickets

Skyss Period Pass for Express Bus in Vestland

As a customer with a Skyss Period Pass, you can travel freely within the zone covered by your ticket, both on local buses and express buses throughout Vestland county. Read more about Skyss zones.

  • If you use a Skyss 30- or 180-day period pass, you can travel freely with the express bus within the zone covered by your period pass. For those with a Skyss 30-day youth ticket, you can travel freely in all zones.

Note that you are not guaranteed a seat on the bus with a period pass. Use discount code skyssSogn and pre-book your ticket to be guaranteed a seat. There will be an additional cost of 29 NOK for seat reservation.

Note: It is important for passengers with a period pass always to have a valid receipt (activation receipt with a valid expiration date) and identification on the bus.

Note that Skyss tickets cannot be used on the route between Bergen Bus Station and Trengereid. A separate ticket must be purchased for this route.

Travels to Haukeland hospital or Bergen Airport Flesland

Now you can travel by bus all the way to Haukeland Hospital and Bergen Airport, Flesland.

Haukeland Hospital (Haukeland sjukehus)

Sognefjordekspressen now offers two corresponding departures between Bergen Bus Station and Haukeland Hospital every weekday. This allows you to reach the hospital safely and easily for appointments and have a good travel experience along the way.

A separate minibus stops at the same platform as the Sognefjord Express, making it easy to transfer buses when you arrive in Bergen. The drivers will also assist those who need it.

See departures from Sogndal to Haukeland Hospital (weekdays)


Bergen Airport, Flesland (Bergen lufthavn, Flesland)

Several Sognefjordekspress departures now start and end at Bergen Airport. This allows you to travel directly to the airport without transfers.

See departures from Sogndal to Bergen Airport

Skyss Youth ticket/card Vestland

With a valid Skyss youth ticket/card for Vestland, you can travel freely on Sognefjordekspressen.

To secure a seat on the bus, we offer online seat reservation for youth with a valid youth ticket/card in Vestland county for a fee of NOK 29. Use discount code in the travel search: skyssSogn.

Please always remember to have a valid receipt when using the Skyss card. You cannot renew the Skyss card on express buses.

Have you forgotten or lost something on the bus?

Complete the lost property form, and we will get in touch with you. You can also contact the operator of Sognefjordekspressen: 

[email protected]

Line NW420
Traveltime between: Sogndal, Lærdal, Flåm, Voss, Bergen and Bergen lufthavn: approx. 4 hours and 55 minutes
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