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Line8600Tyin-Tyinholmen-Eidsbugarden (Fondsbu)

Travel out of the ordinary with the snow coaches from Tyin to Eidsbugarden and Fondsbu. Instead of skiing for 3 hours to the cabins, you can hop into a charming snow coach that safely takes you and your luggage right where you need to go. The snow coach season is in late winter and during Easter.

The snow coaches operate from Tyin via Tyinholmen to Eidsbugarden (Fondsbu) and back. You can also travel from Oslo, Bergen, and Lillehammer by bus to Tyin and transfer to the snow coach there. 

Times and tickets

A search in the travel planner always provides you with a list of departures with updated prices and tickets.

The season is from late winter through to start of May. Please note that you will only find departures and tickets when the routes for the season have been published. 

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Questions and answers

Is it warm inside the snow coach?

Normally, it is nice and warm inside the snow coaches, but wear warm clothes and good winter shoes in case of cold weather.


Do I need to tie my skis together?

We really appreciate it. Ski bags are excellent, both for the snow coach driver and your skis!


Can I bring cardboard boxes (with food, etc.)?

Yes, we take all kinds of items, but make sure they are sealed. Space is often limited, so we may need to stand things upright or stack luggage on top of each other. Vegetables, flowers, and other items that absolutely cannot freeze must be packed in carry-on baggage and brought inside the snow coach. We also appreciate large bags and especially duffel bags (which are also waterproof).


Is there a toilet and waiting room at Tyin?

No, unfortunately not. Currently, there are no facilities for passengers at Tyin (we are working on it). We recommend using the bus restroom before arriving at Tyin.


Do you drive over the water?

No, the snow coach route mainly follows the summer road. IN the places where the route deviates from the road, we are always on solid ground.


Do I need to book a seat on the shuttle bus from Tyinkrysset to Tyin if I arrive with Øst-Vestekspressen?

If you book the entire journey from the starting point to the end station in one ticket, this is not necessary. If you book a one-way trip with both the bus and the snow coach, you must book a seat on the shuttle bus by calling the snow coach directly.

Have you forgotten or lost something in the snow coach?

Please complete the Lost porperty form, and we will get in touch with you. You can also get in touch with the snow coach directly:

Phone: (+47) 911 11 103

Route map Snow coaches Tyin-Tyinholmen-Eidsbugarden

ine: 8600

Traveltime between Tyin and Eidsbugarden: App. 40 minutes

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