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Line NW162 Lillehammer–Fagernes–Lærdal–Flåm–Voss–Bergen

Øst-Vestekspressen goes between Lillehammer and Bergen. Øst-Vestekspressen has daily departures and travels through beautiful mountain scenery, fjord country and famous hubs for adventure.

Everyone should experience a journey through the fjords of Norway. How about a little break in Gudvangen or Flåm to take in some of the most beautiful scenery that Norway has to offer. 

On the Øst-Vestekspressen bus, you will have the opportunity to stop at an UNESCO world heritage site, and be in close proximity to some of Norway’s most magnificent wilderness. Below, we have compiled a list of destinations found along the route worthy of a visit, and some incredible corresponding adventures.

  • Bergen
  • Voss and Myrkdalen
  • Flåm and Aurland
  • Tyin
  • Fagernes and Beitostølen
  • Lillehammer

NW162 valid from 29.06.2019

M/B Bitihorn sails in daily departures between 28 June–1 August, and weekends 6–8 September and 20–22 September 2019. The route is Bygdin brygge–Torfinnsbu–Eidsbugarden. 

At Eidsbugarden you can stay at the Eidsbugarden hotel or the Norwegian Trekking Association's cabin Fondsbu. See more information about the area.  

Book the boat trip from Bygdin brygge–Eidsbugarden in our webshop.

See timetable valid to 01.09.2019.

Øst-Vestekspressen takes a break of approx. 15 minutes at Fagernes skyss station. If you fancy a snack or some food, you can order it from Skysskroa and pick it up during the break. Skysskroa will accept your order up to 60 minutes before pickup. You order the food at

There is also a meal break of approx. 45 minutes at Tyinkrysset, where you can order food at Tyinkrysset Kafé.

Download the Outtt app, a handy travel guide before and during the journey, with descriptions, maps and key information.

The app has its own guide for this bus route. Open the Øst-Vestekspressen Pocket Guide, and get information about many of the well-known places on the trip.

Please fill out the Lost and Found-form and we will contact you, or contact Øst-Vestekspressen:

phone: (+47) 61 35 94 00

Line: NW162

Traveltime between Lillehammer and Bergen: ca. 9 hours

The traveltime includes a 15-minute break at Fagernes skyss station and a 45-minute meal break at Tyinkrysset.

Corresponding routes:

Bus stops that are only served by pre-ordering tickets on
From Bergen to Lillehammer: Åsane terminal, Arna terminal, Dale Sentrum, Vinje, Energihuset Kallerud (NTNU) and Mjøsbrua Vest.

From Lillehammer to Bergen: Vinje and Dale Sentrum.

See the corresponding local routes in the travel planner.

View of Norwegian fjord

Explore Flåm and Aurland

Within a few hours travel from Oslo or Bergen, you can discover beautiful Norwegian nature, fjords, mountains and the famous Flåmsbana.

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