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M/B Bitihorn

Line 902 Bygdin brygge–Torfinnsbu–Eidsbugarden

Ticket sales are open and we welcome you to the summer of 2023!
The season starts on 30th June.

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The trip can be combined with NW161 Valdresekspressen's morning departure from Oslo.

The boat M/B Bitihorn goes from Bygdin brygge through magnificent nature to Torfinnsbu and Eidsbugarden. The Norwegian Trekking Association's cabins offers accommodation at Torfinnsbu and Fondsbu. Eidsbugarden Hotell also has rooms available for booking.

The trip over Bygdin is not only a journey through stunning scenery. It also forms the start of a journey further into Jotunheimen with serveral opportunities for long and short hikes. Walking from cabin to cabin is great for dry and warm lodging. It can be done between Torfinnsbu, Fondsbu, Olavsbu, Gjendebu, Memurubu. It all starts with a boat ride over the lake Bygdin. 


It is possible to bring a bike on the boat. Space for bike is booked with your ticket by adding bike as an additional product before payment. 

Departures and tickets

You will find an overview of departures and be able to book tickets  in the journey planner at the top of the page. 

Bus from Oslo

You may book the full trip from Oslo to Torfinnsbu/Eidsbugarden in one ticket. The bus takes you to Bygdin where you transfer to the boat. Search Oslo-Eidsbugarden

Have you lost something on the boat?

Complete the Lost property form or call the boat directly on +47 911 11 103. 


Line: 902

Traveltime between Bygdin brygge and Eidsbugarden: 1 hour and 45 minutes

Stops at Torfinnsbu

Corresponding routes:

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