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Catch the bus between Oslo and Bergen

NOR-WAY BusExpress offers excellent alternatives to catching a flight or train between Bergen and Oslo.

Øst-Vestekspressen by NOR-WAY Bus Express on the road

Norway has several crossings between East and West. NOR-WAY BusExpress offers two options for the journey between Bergen and Oslo.

Bergen - Oslo via Valdres

The most efficient alternative between the East and the West is through Valdres via Fagernes, Flåm and Voss. The nature in this part of Norway is full of stunning mountains and deep fjords. All of which you will have a fantastic view of whilst travelling on the bus. 

There is a bus change at Fagernes for all going between Bergen and Oslo.

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Bergen - Oslo via Haukelifjell

You may also travel from east to west over Haukelifjell via Åmot and Seljestad. 

With this alternative you make a bus change at Seljestad. Skyss drives you between Bergen and Seljestad. 

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