Line NW185 (Oslo) Porsgrunn–Skien–Notodden–Rjukan

Rjukanekspressen has correspondence with NX1 Nettbuss express at Notodden for travellers to or from Oslo.

The timetable does not contain any deviations that occur on holidays. We therefore recommend that you use the webshop when you plan your trip.

The information in the webshop is updated with planned changes and deviations.

Download the timetable for NW185 Rjukanekspressen here, valid from 03.04.2018

Local travel cards on Rjukanekspressen

On board Rjukanekspressen you can use the following travel cards as payment when travelling within Telemark.

Youth card:

30 days travel card for young people between 16 and 19 years. NOK 300,

Student card:

30 days travel card for students. Show valid student ID when purchase or use of card. NOK 440,

Young Adult:

30 days travel card for for travellers who are between 20 and 29 years. NOK 440,

Adult travel card:

30 days travel card valid for travels within Telemark. NOK 1 360,

Value card:

25 % discount on ordinary fares.

All travel cards must be purchased directly on the bus. Please contact the company, Tinn Billag for more information:

e-mail: post@tinnbillag.no 
phone (+47) 35 08 18 00

Please fill out the Lost and Found-form and we will contact you, or contact Rjukanekspressen:

phone: (+47) 35 08 18 00

Line: NW185

Traveltime between Rjukan and Porsgrunn: ca. 3 hours and 25 minutes

With correspondence to NX1 Nettbuss express at Notodden for travellers to or from Oslo.

The travel time includes a 5-minute break at Notodden.

Corresponding routes:

To/from Oslo: Correspondence with NX1 Nettbuss express at Notodden.

To/from Sandefjord airport, Torp: Transition at Gvarv to Telemarkekspressen.

Rjukanekspressen offers taxi (included) to/from Mæl to/from Atrå/Austbygde and to/from Gransherad to/from Hovin on certain departures.

Patient Travel

As a patient, you can travel without expenses to and from hospitals in Telemark. Show summons letter to the driver, or pre-order by phone: 05515. For service to/from Notodden hospital, see nettbuss.no, TIMEbussen line 1 and 2.