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Line NW194 Oslo–Drammen–Sundbyfoss–Siljan–Skien
Line NW184 Skien-Ulefoss-Lunde (The Canal bus)

Due to low passenger numbers, Grenlandsekspressen will be cancelled indefinitely.


Photo: VisitOSLO/Didrick Stenersen / Oslo Domkirke

Timetable and tickets

NW194 Grenlandsekspressen was cancelled indefinitely from 14th September 2020. If you have booked a ticket for dates later than this, the ticket will be refunded. 

For up to date departure times and to book your ticket, please use our journey planner

The information in our journey planner is always up to date with the latest changes.


Travel card

Travel cards issued by Telemark Bilruter

To purchase electronic travel cards which is valid for Telemark County (Youth Card, Student Card, Period Card) you must have a bus card issued from Telemark Bilruter.

Information regarding local travel cards, see

Fly from/to Oslo airport?

Grendlandsekspressen runs daily to Oslo Bussterminal with further correspondence to Oslo lufthavn (airport), Gardermoen.

When your journey consists of more than one bus route / change of buses, it is important to know about NOR-WAY Bussekspress' transfer rules.

When you are going to catch a flight, you should calculate plenty of travel time to the airport and include in the calculation that there may be a queue at the check-in and the security check. Also follow the recommendations of the airlines and airports.

Mini cruise from/to Filipstad?

You can easily take the bus to and from a mini cruise, as the bus runs by pre-order to the ferry dock at Filipstad.

  • Color Line from/to Kiel at Filipstad (Hjortnes)
Have you forgotten or lost something on the bus?

Please fill out the Lost and Found-form and we will contact you, or contact Grenlandsekspressen:

phone: (+47) 35 06 54 00


Line: NW194

Traveltime between Oslo and Skien: ca. 2 hours

Corresponding routes:

Corresponding routes and further connections, see the travel planner.

Siljan knutepunkt: A light-regulated bus stop. The bus runs via the stop only on light signals.

Embarking out of Oslo: Sjølyst (close by Cirkle K), Vækerø (Hydro), Lysaker bus stop (at station) and Ramstadsletta (Esso, Høvik).

Seat to yourself

Book Sit alone and get a double seat

Do you wish to be guaranteed a double seat to yourself whilst travelling on the bus?

Bus departure early morning

Welcome onboard for early morning departure

Get a calm start to the day and don't worry about the weather conditions.

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