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This summer, take the bus to your Norway holiday

What do you want to do during the summer? Whether you're thinking of taking a trip to the high mountains, explore a bit of the fjords or the coastal life, or perhaps you prefer visiting a Norwegian city or two this summer, there are plenty of options when you choose to take the bus for your holiday.

Did you know that there are numerous experiences and destinations in Norway that you can easily reach by bus? NOR-WAY Bussekspress has several daily departures to a lot of different destinations around Southern Norway.

Check out the routes we offer.

Our summers are one of the best things about Norway, with our long, bright summer evenings and suddenly everyone being outdoors. Norway is a holiday destination that offers many exciting places and experiences. What do you want to do this summer?

Explore the mountains

For those who like to be active, the summer in the Norwegian mountains sure is something special. With the bus, you can easily get to Beitostølen, where, for example, Jotunheimen is at your feet. You can travel over Haukelifjell or visit Trysil, both destinations that are popular all year round. Alternatively, you can try one of our seasonal routes: the shuttle bus to Snøheim and the Romsdalseggen bus. We also have M/B Bitihorn, the boat that takes you between Bygdin, Torfinnsbu, and Eidsbugarden - a favorite in the Norwegian mountains.

Visit a new city

Our buses goes crisscross around in the South of Norway, and of course to and from several exciting cities. For example, Oslo, Norway's largest city (and its capital) which, despite its relatively modest size by international standards, has a lot to offer. The “city between the seven mountains”, Bergen, is also a popular destination, both for Norwegians and foreign tourists. Stavanger is also a popular stop, with its colorful buildings and great selection of restaurants.

Have a fjord or coastal adventure

What better way is there to enjoy ice cream, shrimp, and the sun while admiring a fjord or relaxing near the coast in the south of Norway? How about visiting Kristiansand this summer? This Southern city has a lot of odl, charming wooden houses. If the weather is good, or you just feel brave, Bystranda, Kristiansand’s beach is located right in the middle of the city. Kristiansand is also surrounded by nearby small southern towns. Like beads on a string you’ll find beautiful destinations, hidden gems and ice cream spots worth trying -  why not catch the bus to Lillesand, Arendal, Kragerø, or Risør?

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