Telemarkekspressen improves the route offer

From February 25th:

  • timetables will be adapted to flights from/to Torp Airport
  • more direct departures between Seljord–Torp
  • more frequent departures to and from Tønsberg
  • departing and boarding Larvik station Monday–Friday:
    - departure Larvik station at 07.04, arrival Skien terminal at 07.50
    - departure Skien terminal at 14.40 and 15.40, arrival Larvik station at 15.13 and 16.13

Now you can travel with "Fartes period ticket, Grenland" between Melum–Langangen.

We have reduced fares, and with an adult ticket you can bring one child with you free of charge on travels longer than 40 km.

See the new timetables and order your ticket at, then you will pay best price and save a seat on the bus.

See the timetables and more information about Telemarkekspressen, here.