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Seat belt inspections from 2nd September

Compared to last year, less people state that they use seat belt when catching the bus. This has prompted the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA) to start new inspections from 2nd September. Remember to strap up!

Only 69 per cent of travellers now state that they use seat belt when travelling by bus. This is compared to 73 per cent at the same time last year. The fine for not wearing a seat belt is 1500 kr. 

Make sure the margins are on your side

- This Spring we checked over 13.000 bus passengers. Now we are on the road once more, and we hope we won't have to fine anyone. With the seat belt fastened, you have the margins on your side, counting yourself and your co-travellers. A body thrown from the seat can be extremely heavy, states Ingrid Heggebø Lytnæs in NPRA.

For those aged 16-29 years the use of seat belts is even lower than in the population in general, a survey made for the NPRA shows. One out of two between the age of 15-29 years takes the bus daily or weekly. However, despite having seat belt available at every seat, only fifty percent choose to use it. 

-Traditionally, we have been used to the bus being a zone where you don't have to wear seat belts. Now, however, there are seat belts in an increasing number of buses. It is about time we bring the good seat belt habits we have when driving a car into the bus, Lutnær states. 

Watch out for those you love

The use of seat belt is not only a responsibility that lies with the individual - particularly not in a bus. There are not many bus accidents, but it will happen again. Many reports have shown that the seriousness of injuries increase if a person is thrown out of the seat. 

- When we commute, we also have a responsibility for those we travel with. The seat belt is a simple invention that has saved many lives. So watch out for your freinds - fasten yourself and those you love, says Lutnæs. 

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