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Nordfjord is an eldorado for people who enjoying a good view, nice food, challenging adventures, skiing (both winter and summer), steep mountains and stunning fjords. And a bit of shopping on top. Stryn, Loen, Olden and the rest of Nordfjord is as varied as it is beautiful.

Arriving in Nordfjord is as spectacular entering from the north as from the south. With Fjordekspressen you can travel by bus straight from Bergen to Nordfjord or from Trondheim to Nordfjord.

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Driving from the south, you can arrive in Nordfjord via Utvik, Innvik, Olden, Loen and Stryn. Whilst going from one village to the next, you will get an impression of the size of the mountains as a contrast to the calm fjord. The area offers conquerable peaks in abundance, so visitors can pick and choose according to their own level. 


The challenge: Skåla 1848 m


The famous Skåla top offers 1848 meters of climbing. You start at 0 meter above sea level, so nothing comes easy here. The reward at the top is stunning views and a visit to Skålatårnet, a stone tower at the top.

In summer time you can spend the night in the tower and in winter at the nearby Skålabu. The walking path to the top is hand made and of good quality, so as long as you have warm clothes, water and food sifficient to take you through the day, this is not a hike only for climbing experts. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that you should be in good shape. The hills are really steep and the whole trip may take you 8 hours or more in total.

For those who like an extra challenge, it is possible to participate in the competition Skåla opp. This is an uphill run where some of the best uphill runners participate. It is possible for amateurs to join as well. However, there is no doubt that this is a challenge for the hard-core and fit.


Comfort or vertigo challenge - Hoven 1011 m

Even if you are not interested in climbing and physical strain, you can still reach the top of a Nordfjord mountain. The Loen Skylift takes you from sea level in Loen to the top of mountain Hoven 1011 m.a.s.l. The view at the top is spectacular and can be enjoyed whilst consuming a lovely meal at the Hoven restaurant. More spectacular surroundings for a meal should be hard to find.

Hoven is also reachable by feet. The Via Ferrata trail pushes both your physical strength and your relationship to heights. The climb is safe as you perform it whilst being attached to a line, also called an iron road. Even though the trail is safe, it is not an activity for those easily scared.  It is as steep as it gets before having to do some real mountain climbing. You even get to test your vertigo crossing a suspension bridge 750 m above the fjord.



If you would like to swap nature with a small village experience, Stryn is a good option. With a few local shops, there are coups to be made. Moods is a re-start of the world famous Moods of Norway, and offers Norwegian design. At the cozy Stryn vertshus, you can get a coffee and some nice food whilst enjoying the views from their roof terrace.


Glaciers, summer and winter skiing, boat rides, bike rides, spa….

Nordfjord offers a lot of activities for all types of interests. You can either navigate on your own or join a guided tour. There is also opportunities for renting equipment such as bike, climbing gear, skis and much more. 

Consider Nordfjord for your next holiday and use Fjordekspressen to go there.   

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