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Guidlines lifted - we are back!

From 25th September the national covid guidlines for travels were lifted. Some local measures may still be active. See how your NOR-WAY journey may look like from now on.

We will ask you to

  • Stay at home if you feel unwell
  • Continue practising good hand and cough hygene. 
  • Follow local guidlines

We recommend that you book your ticket in advance

All our passengers are still recommended to book their ticket in advance using or the NOR-WAY-app. This makes it much easier for us to provide a good service and make sure enough buses are on the road. Booking in advance guarantees you space on the bus and in many cases you may get cheaper tickets. 

Space in the bus and opportunity to secure an extra seat

As passenger limitations for each departure are lifted, each bus can take more bookings. Departures outside of the times most people travel can still have lots of space available. If you would like to travel in calmer surroundings, please consider choosing one outside the main travel times. 

If you wish to be guaranteed a double seat to yourself, you may book the seat beside you with your order. 

You may also make changes to your ticket on your page/under ticket in app. 

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