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Do you experience issues logging into My Page?

We have launched a new back system for tickets purchases in our webshop. This means that your old user account is gone and overview of tickets purchased before 1st April is not available.

If you have visited our website previously and used our journey planner, you will not notice any difference on the new site. You search the same way as before, and the alternatives appear as they have before. Even the payment prosess is identical. 

Your old user account is gone

If you have had access to My page previously, you will receive a message that states it does not exist if you try to log in again. This is because your account has not been moved from the old to the new system. You can easily make a new user account by choosing to register again with email, phone number and making a password. You may even use the same details as you did on the old site. Register for you account on My page

Overview of tickets - used and unused tickets in your email confirmation

If you are looking for used or unused tickets purchased before 1st April, you will not find these in your new acocunt. Instead, please use one of the following methods: 

  • Search in you email inbox for the order confirmation where your ticket is attached
  • Contact customer service. They will send you a new copy of your ticket. (Please estimate some back log if you get in touch with customer service)

More products on

The new back system means that we may offer you more exiting products in the future. Please check back on our website in the future and book your journey on!

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