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Changes to ticket purchasing in Vest-Telemark

From 1 July, Telemark Bilruter will not be responsible for local buses in Vest-Telemark. New operator is Vy. From this date onwards, it will not be possible to by a through ticket between express buses and local buses.

Customers will still be able to traansfer smoothly from express bus to local bus, but tickets have to be purchased separately. 


Routes where you previously have been able to by through tickets:

  • Express bus  to Seljord and local bus further to Kviteseid-Vrådal-Fyresdal/Nissedal-Treungen and opposite. 
  • Express bus to Åmot, and local bus further to Dalen/Haukeli/Rauland-Tjukan and opposite. 


We would recommend our customers to take the following actions: 

  • If you travel a distance where we drive express buses, pelase make a travel search and purchase ticket on or on the bus. 
  • If you travel a distance where you will use both express bus and local bus, please use the national journey planner in order to see the full journey. Then go to and purchase ticket for the distance you will travel using NOR-WAY express buses. Tickets for local buses may be purchased on the bus. 
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