Conditions of carriage for travelers, seat reservation, baggage, animals, penalty surcharge etc.

Show up in advance

It is important that you show up in advance before departure. On most major bus terminals and bus stations, it is possible to board 10-15 minutes before departure. At all stops along the way you must give a clear sign to the driver when the bus is approaching. Please have your pre-purchased ticket ready for the driver when boarding the bus. if you are traveling with a discounted ticket must also display valid identification. If you want to buy the ticket on the bus please have your credit card or cash ready when boarding the bus


Experience shows that it is heavily traffic on all roads toward weekends and on the major public holidays. This creates extra traffic with the risk of delays on all our routes in and around the large cities. Also take into account that the bus mightshow up a little later than scheduled at your bus stop.


Each passenger can bring 2 pieces of luggage (max 30 kilo in total) placed in the luggage compartment under the bus. Hand luggage carried freely as long as it can fit under a seat or in the parcel shelf above. If you are traveling with more luggage than the allowable amount, it must be paid an additional fee pr. parcel. Extra luggage accepted (surcharge) if there is available space in the luggage compartment under the bus.

Luggage must be labeled with the owner's name, address and telephone number.

  • Baby walkers and prams
    Collapsible baby walkers and prams are carried free of charge on all services, if space available. Baby pram which take up a seat must pay a child's fare.
  • Bicycles
    Bicycles will be carried on board if space available. A childfare will be charged.

  • Skis and Snowboards
    Ski equipment must be properly and securely packed in order to be transported safely in the luggage compartment under the bus. Ski equipment are carried free of charge on our buses.

  • Pulks and surfboards
    Pulks and surfboards will be carried on board if space available. A childfare will be charged.

  • Hunting Weapons and ammunition
    The weapon must be securely packaged in batcovers, gun case or equivalent. The weapon must be stored along with ammunition in the bus's luggage compartment. Vital part (breech block, etc.) must be separated from the weapon's main part and must therefore be carried onto the bus.

  • Personal transporter (eg. Segway)
    It is not allowed with Personal Transporter (eg.Segways) on our express buses because of space capacity and weight of the segway.
  • Liability and compensation
    The company is not liable for any loss of or damage to luggage unless negligence of the bus company can be proved. We recommend our passengers to purchase a travel insurance. Please also see prevailing conditions of carriage dated January 27th 2004 approved by the Norwegian Ministry of Transport which also apply. Compensation will be paid for damaged items in accordance with current rules, cf. Norwegian Road Freight Agreements Act. Compensation will not be paid for goods lost in transit.

Children traveling alone

Do you have children who will be traveling alone, it is nice if you as a guardian prepares the child of what is waiting them. We recommend that the child is in a school age and can take care of themselves during the journey. You as guardians must accompany the child to the bus, and must be able to present information with name and number of a responsible adult the driver can call if something happens unforeseen.

As a reassurance for the parents, children and drivers, we will recoomend that the parents are buying the tickets on before the journey.

Wheelchair users

Wheelchair users who need their own space for the wheelchair on board the bus, must reserve space no later than 2:00 p.m. last business day before travel (Mon-Fri). Of space and safety reasons, the wheelchair can not exceed the following specifications; length 120 cm, width 70 cm, height 109 cm, and the total weight of 300kg. Please contact customer service.

Seat belts must be worn

Passengers are required by law to use seatbelts. Cf. Subsection 23a of the Road Traffic Act and regulations relating to the use of protective equipment when driving a motor vehicle. Passengers not wearing a seatbelt will be liable to a fine on inspection.

  • Security equipment for children  By law, children under 135 cm must use proper safety equipment (child seat). Each of our buses has 1-2 child seats available, which is usually best suited for children aged 6 months and up. Next to this we also have seat cushions available on most buses. If child seats in the bus are already in use, ordinary seat belts should be used in the most suitable way. It is not possible to reserve the children's seats before the trip, please feel free to bring your own child seat / pillow if possible. We therefore reserve the right to deny boarding of children (under 135 cm), should the safety equipment provided by the bus company already be in use. If you need a seat for infants, you must bring this yourself.

Pets / animals on the bus

Only guide dogs, service dogs and service dogs in service or training that can be identified with the west and / or written documentation is allowed on our buses and travel for free. Beyond this there are unfortunately no animals allowed onboard our express buses.

It is not prudent to transport animals in the bus's cargo area when luggage compartment does not facilitate for this with regard to lighting, heating, ventilation and supervision.

Exceptions on bus line FB1, FB3 and FB11: Dogs, cats and other small pets can be brought to the bus without charge. Animals must be kept on a leash or cage throughout the journey and should not be placed directly on the seat. The owner is responsible for making sure that the animal is not a nuisance to other passengers. Travelers with pets must yield to any allergies.

Using mobile phone during the journey

We kindly ask you to avoid unnecessary use of mobile phones out of consideration for your fellow travellers. When travelling on night services, please switch off your mobile phone.

Smoking and Alcohol

It is forbidden to smoke or to consume alcohol on board our express buses. The ban also applies to the use of e-cigarettes. See also "Conditions for transport with scheduled public bus traffic in Norway".