Beautiful varied Valdres stretches from the lush and forested valleys in the south to Jotunheimens mighty peaks in the north, which rises more than 2000 meters above sea level. There are only a few regions in Norway that can offer such a varied range of activities throughout all four seasons

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Valdresekspressen runs daily, all year long, direct from Oslo bus terminal - Fagernes - Årdalstangen / and Beitostølen. Beautiful, varied Valdres goes from the rich water- and forested valleys of the south, to Jotunheimens mighty 2000m peaks in the north. Few regions in Norway has such a varied range of activities through all four seasons and is the whole family's favorite. Fagernes is located right in the heart of the region and is a good starting point for the many great experiences.

Gjendesheim is considered to be one of the best starting points for hikings in Jotunheimen and is especially known for the many varied trails to Besseggen. Starting from Gjendesheim you can choose from a numerous hiking trails - from simple child-friendly walks to challenging peak trips.

Examples of peak trips from Gjendesheim:
- Besseggen (1743m above sea leavel)
- Knutshø (1715m above sea leavel)
- Besshøe (2258m above sea leavel)
- Rasletind (2105m above sea leavel)
- Surtningssue (2368m above sea leavel)

The Lake Bygdinvannet is surrounded by beautiful snow-capped peaks, and the boat trip from Bygdin to Torfinnsbu is an experience in itself, providing a spectacular and beautiful starting point for the hike.

Examples of peak trips from Bygdin:
- Galdeberget (2075m above sea leavel)
- Bitihorn (1607m above sea leavel)
- Rasletinden (2105m above sea leavel)

Two of Valdresekspressen daily departures from Oslo is extended, one to Lom and one to Leirvassbu over Valdresflya.
This offer will connect Jotunheimens walks in a unique way. One can take the bus to the Gjende area, go to Leirvassbu and take the bus back.

Juvasshytta or Spiterstulen is the most common starting point for hikes to Galdhøpiggen Norway's highest mountain (2469 m). From the top of Norway you will get a sight that most people will remember for the rest of their lives. Jotunheimen in all its glory with peaks, pinnacles and glaciers as far as the eye can see in all directions.

Examples of peak trips in Gjende area:
- Galdhøpiggen (2469 above sea level)
- Storebjørn (2222m above sea leavel)
- Sokse (2189m above sea leavel)

M / B Bitihorn, Bygdin - Eidsbugarden: The boat runs between Bygdin and Eidsbugarden via Torfinnsbu every day during the summer season. Join a cruise in Jotunheimen or combine the boat trip with a hike. Øst-VestXpressen corresponds with buses to Eidsbugarden and Bygdin.

Bombardier's snow bus, Tyin - Tyinholmen - Eidsbugarden: In the winter season, Øst-VestXpressen corresponds with snow buses at Tyin. Take the nostalgic Bombardier snow buses on belts to Eidsbugarden and experience beautiful Jotunheimen with ski- or randonee, snowshoeing, kiting, ice fishing or just relaxing in the sun wall and enjoying nature.

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Travel cards Oppland and Buskerud

Travel cards issued from Opplandstrafikk can be used on local travel within Oppland on Valdresekspressen.

  • Youth Card is valid only with receipt, and can also be used between Fagernes and Aurdal before kl. 7:30 and after noon. 15:30 (not during school hours).

Travel cards issued from Brakar can be used on local travel within Buskerud on Valdresekspressen.

  • Value Card Brakar
    Minimum rate is introduced (NOK 70, -), and it is no longer discount on county crossing travels to Oslo.
  • Period and Youth cards (Brakar)
    Period- and Youth Cards issued by Brakarmay still be used on Valdresekspressen, on presentation of a valid receipt. Youth Card can not be used on the departures 05:30 from Fagernes to Oslo and 13:05 from Oslo to Fagernes.

When fv. 53 Tyin - Årdal is closed will NW160 Valdresekspressen run through Lærdal:

When the road is closed, the departure from Øvre Årdal will be 7:40 and 15:10, and Årdalstangen 08:00 15:30.

When the road is closed to the arrival time at Årdalstangen will be 16:35. and 23:25. and Øvre Årdal 16:55 and 23:40.

Information about road closures can be found at or phone +47 915 02030

Exciting day trip with Valdresekspressen

Jotunheimen is as beautiful and exciting in during the winter season as in summer. How to enjoy magnificent mountain Norway from a dog sled? Valdresekspressen and Beito Husky Tours offers in cooperation one tour package from Oslo to Beitostølen. The package includes transport to / from, dogsledding, visit the dog kennel and a real valdres meal.

More information about the tour package can be found here.

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