From Oslo in East to Haugesund on the West coast. Travel via Telemark from coast to mountains with large variations in landscape and character. From idyllic Southern Norway by the coast and via undulating fertile landscape of the Middle Telemark to the mountains where you will find the mighty Hardangervidda.

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Haukeliekspressen starts in Oslo and service bus stops for example in Asker - Drammen - Kongsberg - Åmot - Seljord - Haukeli - Røldal- and Aksdal before it ends up in Haugesund. Through cooperation with the company Skyss, we have correspondence at Seljestad weight station with local bus line 930, that runs to Bergen Bus Station. See platform overwiev from Skyss. At Haukeligrend we have correspondance with line NW221 Setesdalsekspressen to Hovden and Kristiansand.

Short break at Åmot
"Heimat" in Vinje is a nice café on E134 between Bergen and Oslo. In the café you can get authentic home cooking, dinner, lunch, sandwiches and à la carte. If you are travelling with Haukeliekspressen from Oslo, Bergen or Haugesund, you can pre-order food in their online shop, Heimat.no and pick it up in the café during the break in Vinje.


Route NW180 Haukeliekspressen runs over the mountain pass Haukelifjell. The weather can sometimes be challenging and delays may occur for example when convoy driving. Please take this into consideration when planning your trip. Allow extra time.

When closed mountain pass over the Haukeli the 180 Haukeliekspressen run as follows:

  • Departures from Oslo will run as normal to Åmot and turns there.
    The bus returns from Åmot to Oslo on schedule.

  • Buses from Haugesund will run as  normal to Røldal and turns there.
    The bus returns from Røldal towards Haugesund on schedule.

For information about weather, snow, convoy or other messages, please see vegvesen.no or call 175.

Travel cards issued by Telemark Bilruter and TFK

To purchase electronic travel card which is valid for Telemark County (Youth Card, Student Card, Period Short) you must have a bus pass issued from Telemark Bilruter. Information regarding local travel card, see telemarkbil.no

Timetable for Haukeliekspressen

Have you lost something on the bus?
Contact the company that operates your route:

Oslo - Vinje: phone +47 35 06 54 00
Vinje - Haugesund: phone  + 47 52 70 35 26 / 21
Seljestad  - Bergen: phone +47 53 65 18 23

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