Travel from city to city, or jump off along the way and experience the idyllic coastal communities and peaceful inland villages or dramatic landscape that is one of the finest Norwegian nature has to offer.

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Sit back and enjoy a ride through authentic western scenery onboard Fjordekspressen. Line NW431 runs between Bergen - Førde - Stryn - Otta - Dombås - Oppdal - Trondheim. On your journey you can experience everything from the kind, still landscape of Dovre National Park, to the glacier, the fjord, the coast and the mountains.

In Bergen, Norway's second largest city, the houses are built close together arround the port and around the city center. Experience the modern history of this modern city before exploring the wild and beautiful fjords of the west. Visit Bryggen in Bergen where you will find many of the city's restaurants, pubs, craft shops and historical museums, or the lively Fish Market. Or what about a top trip to Fløyen with the Fløibanen? Or what about a trip to the aquarium in Bergen for the whole family?

The glaciers, fjords, coasts and mountains in Olden and Loen in Nordfjord represent some of the finest Norwegian nature has to offer. You can find both idyllic coastal communities and peaceful inland villages and dramatic landscapes. Everything is arranged for those who want a quiet walk alone.

Examples of peak trips from Olden and Loen:
- Gjerdaaksla (1848m above sea leavel)
- Biksdal glacier og Jostedal glacier (1950m above sea leavel)
- Lodalskåpa (1848m above sea leavel)

Get a tan in genuine mountain sun, while enjoying the snow at Stryn Summer Ski Centre. Stryn Sommer Ski gives you a different summerSexperience in stunning coastal scenery. Stryn Summer Ski is suitable for anyone who wants a skiing summer whether you are a family with children, want to drive in terrain or off-pist. (1620m above the sea level).

The gentle, quiet countryside in Dovre National Park invites to peace - do not let this natural pearl leave you unnoticed. The round mountain formations with various moss colors, is beautiful - and is ideal for walking in lighter mountainous terrain.

Examples of peak trips from Dovre:
- Nysæterhøe (1321m above sea leavel)
- Fallfosshøe (1343m above sea leavel)
- Mesæterhøe (1399m above sea leavel)
- Snøhetta (2286m above sea leavel)

Trondheim have attractions like Nidaros Cathedral and Rockheim and the lively old town Bakklandet. 30,000 students contributes to an urban and alive atmosphere. Nidaros Cathedral is an international pilgrimage.

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