Winter in Hovden

There are many exciting things to do at Hovden through the winter. Everything from Alpine skiing, cross-country, top tours and activities that do not require skis can be found at Hovden.

Hovden Ski Centre is a ski resort in the southern part of Norway. The ski resort has terrain that works for everyone. Everything from a well groomed snow park, to excellent groomed trails, to excellent opportunities for powder and off-piste run for those who like to play around in the mountains. A large children's area called "Tusseland" takes care of the the youngest in the family. There is a 80 meter long conveyor belts and a ski carousel. For the slightly less ski enthusiast can choose in many other activities such as fatbike, skating, snowshoeing and more.

Getting to Hovden by bus :

180 Haukeliekspressen (Oslo - Åmot - Haukeli - Haugesund (switch to 221))

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