Autumn in the mountains

Photo: Morten Helgesen -

Autumn in the mountains are just as beautiful as summer in the mountains. It offers fresh air, beautiful sceneries and colours. If you haven't been hiking in the beautiful mountains of norway yet, you still have the opportunity.

Travel by bus to Dovre

The gentle, quiet countryside in Dovre National Park invites to peaceful hikes. Do not let this natural pearl leave you unnoticed. The round mountain formations in various colours, is beautiful and ideal for hiking in lighter terrains.

Examples of peak trips from Dovre:
- Nysæterhøe (1321m above sea leavel)
- Fallfosshøe (1343m above sea leavel)
- Mesæterhøe (1399m above sea leavel)
- Snøhetta (2286m above sea leavel)

Take line NW431 Fjordekspressen to Dovre. Buy tickets here.

Travel by bus to Haukeli:

Hiking opportunities from Haukeliseter are endless both summer and winter. Haukeliseter is a popular base for backpacking trips across Hardangervidda.

Examples of peak trips from Haukeli:
- Stavsnuten (1661m above sea leavel)
- Venstretoppen (1603m above sea leavel)
- Store Nup (1691m above sea leavel)

Take line NW180 Haukeliekspressen to Haukeli. Buy tickets here.

Travel by bus to Olden or Loen:

The glaciers, fjords, coasts and mountains of Nordfjord represent some of the finest Norwegian nature has to offer. There you will find both idyllic coastal communities and dramatic landscapes.

Examples of peak trips from Olden and Loen:
- Gjerdaaksla (1848m above sea leavel)
- Biksdal glacier og Jostedal glacier (1950m above sea leavel)
- Lodalskåpa (1848m above sea leavel)

Take line NW431 Fjordekspressen to get to Olden and Loen. Buy tickets here.

Travel by bus to Rjukan:

In Rjukan you can find the mountain peak which often is referred to as Norway's most beautiful mountain, Gaustatoppen. It is the highest mountain in Telemark, and is both easy to climb and readily accessible. At the top you can enjoy the best view in south of Norway and if the weather allows, you can see one sixth of Norway from the top.

Examples of peak trips from Rjukan:
- Gaustadtoppen (1883m above sea leavel)
- Hulderhola (1461m above sea leavel)
- Toreskyrkja (1364m above sea leavel)
- Ørnenipa (1331m above sea leavel)

Line NW185 Rjukanekspressen runs from Rjukan - Notodden - Porsgrunn, with correspondence with TIMEkspressen TE1 in Notodden to and from Oslo. Buy ticket for the whole trip here.

Travel by bus to Trysil:

Many are not aware of that Trysil is the ultimate holiday destination during all seasons, with lots of activities for the whole family. It is not for no reason that Trysil is called the Nature's amusement park. From the center of Trysil you have easy access to all the activities and can take Trysilekspressen directly to your vacation!

Buy tickets to line NW130 Trysilekspressen here.

Travel by bus to Tyin:

High mountain tops and unique sceneries with a lot of opportunities for diverse experiences is what characterize the Tyin-Filefjell area. Hiking, fishing, biking and climbing are just some of the activities you can experience in beautiful Jotunheimen. The mountain experience starts at the moment you step out of the bus.

Examples of peak trips from Tyin:
- Uranostind (2157m above sea leavel)
- Falketind (2067m above sea leavel)
- Stølsnostind (2074m above sea leavel)
- Koldedalstind (1927m above sea leavel)

Take line NW160 Valdresekspressen to Tyin. Buy tickets here.